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Hi Everyone! 

I love reading the engaging content that you create for social media. You cleverly use Instagram to highlight weekly events including guest speakers such as American Legion Post 291 has done, adorable children participating in the March reading program set up by VFW National Home for Children, or celebrating Girl Scouts who bring more than cookies to the Fisher House Foundation. And we can´t forget the potluck suppers (with photos that make me hungry) by VFW Post 6027!

Some of your best St. Patrick´s Day photos were recently shared on Facebook. Keep on dancing VFW Post 3750 West St. Charles! Trivia Night, and tiki bar, and Karaoke, oh my! The American Legion Post 199, Fairhope AL was bringing the good times! 

We all focused on International Women´s Day. CTC went back in time to shine a loving light on the women who served our country during the Vietnam-Era. Despite having served in all four branches of the military little is known about the long-term health status of women Vietnam-Era Veterans. Navy women served on hospital ships off the coast of Vietnam putting them in the high-risk group for developing asbestos-related diseases. Head to our Instagram profile to learn more about these amazing women. 

To continue the celebration I have compiled a list of books I hope you enjoy.

  • “Her Own Vietnam.” by Lynn Kanter
  • “Women at War: The Story of Fifty Military Nurses Who Served in Vietnam” by Elizabeth Norman
  • “Women Vietnam Veterans: Our Untold Stories” by Donna A. Lowery

Being connected was such a vital necessity for us throughout the pandemic. I think we have really used our communities for all the right reasons. Wouldn´t you agree?

I´d like to ask you to do a kindness for me this month. When you have a chance head to your favorite social pages and send me a message. You are guaranteed a reply and possibly my pecan pie recipe! I want to know more about you and how CTC can best serve your community. We´re easy to find on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Benné Rockett, Marketing Director of ClearTrust Claims LLP

You Served Us Now Let Us Serve You.

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