VVA Agreement

Did you know that we are in a partnership with Vietnam Veterans of America?
In early January 2023 the VVA Board-approved and signed Memorandum of Agreement between VVA and ClearTrust Claims, LLP. This is terrific news for veterans as the VVA will help us inform their members and service officers (250 full-time) provide information that will help CTC fulfill its mission.

Under our agreement with VVA:

  • CTC will provide training to VVA service officers to identify veterans who may be eligible for asbestos trust compensation.
  • CTC will provide, through VVA, educational information about the trusts, and will be available for talks or webinars to local VVA chapters.
  • CTC will make asbestos trust compensation applications for veterans at no up-front cost to veterans.
  • CTC will charge any clients referred to CTC under this Agreement 10 percent of any paid compensation, much lower than the typical 25-40 percent, and will pay without set off any expenses incurred in making the asbestos trust application.

You can find a separate page on the VVA website. Click this title, Non-VA Compensation For Asbestos Diseases – Assisting Veterans In Obtaining Compensation, to read the full statement by the VVA.

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After we complete our review of your Eligibility form, we will contact you to let you know if you are eligible to submit claims for compensation to asbestos trusts.

Asbestos Trusts Compensation Eligibility Form

This questionnaire asks for the bare minimum of information necessary for ClearTrustClaims to determine if you may qualify for trust compensation.  Actually obtaining compensation will require that you and ClearTrustClaims work together to obtain the highly detailed additional information needed for asbestos trust applications.  ClearTrustClaims will be able to determine whether you are likely to qualify for compensation only after we have gathered the necessary detailed information.

If you are interested in contacting CTC to see if you might be eligible for compensation from asbestos trusts, please complete the following questionnaire.  When you have completed the questionnaire, click on the Submit button to send the information to us.

 Current Information

* Denotes required fields

 Medical Information

All of the asbestos trusts have very similar lists of medical conditions for which the trust will provide compensation. These conditions are asbestos-related diseases, including mesothelioma, lung cancer, a few rare other cancers, and breathing problems caused by damage to the lungs.

Have you been diagnosed with:

Mesothelioma or Lung Cancer?

Colo-rectal, laryngeal, esophageal, pharyngeal, or stomach cancer?

Asbestosis or severe asbestosis?

Scarring on both of your lungs?

Has any of your doctors told you that your medical condition is due to asbestos?

 Military Service

If you served in the military, please provide the following information:

 Civilian Employment

Please provide the following information about any civilian employment that you believe may have involved exposure to asbestos.

 Additional Information

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