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You pay nothing for ClearTrust Claims to file trust applications on your behalf.  For any successful claim, in which an asbestos trust approves your claim, ClearTrust Claims will charge ten (10) percent of the trust award.  You will keep 90 percent of the award.  ClearTrust Claims does not charge for copying or legal research, and most asbestos trusts do not charge for submitting applications.

An individual is eligible for payment from asbestos bankruptcy trusts if he or she or a family member suffers from an asbestos-related disease and can document exposure to specific company’s asbestos and asbestos generally.  Asbestos bankruptcy trusts have thousands of approved sites that presume you have been exposed to asbestos if you were present at that location.  ClearTrust Claims will work with you to determine whether you meet these medical and exposure requirements.

You can fill out a short, confidential questionnaire that ClearTrust Claims will review to make a preliminary assessment of whether you may qualify for trust payments.  You can also contact us directly by telephone or email.

The trust application process with ClearTrust has two phases.  The first phase is the creation of applications, which ClearTrust will do with your assistance.  This process requires us to obtain military service records, if applicable, employment verification (such as social security records), and medical documentation.  We are somewhat dependent on how quickly government records depositories and doctors provide us with documentation.  It is not possible to predict how long an individual application will take to prepare, but experience tells us that the time frame is usually a few, or perhaps several, weeks.

Once the application is submitted, there is often back-and-forth between us and the trusts clarifying or providing additional information.  Once the application is complete from the point of view of the trust, the claim is approved. Only if we are unable to correct all the deficiencies, then the claim is denied.

Once a claim has been approved by an asbestos trust, most trusts will provide payment within three or four months.

Absolutely.  Clients of ClearTrust Claims are provided access to a separate, secure website through which you will be providing information.  All the information you provide, as well as all of the information (medical, employment, military, and anything else, is stored in a secure database accessible only to authorized ClearTrust partners and employees.  ClearTrust Claims team has a combined 40+ years of experience in designing and implementing Internet-based systems for law firms and businesses, and are fully up to date on current data security issues, laws, and requirements.  ClearTrust’s electronic systems have been designed from the ground up with these data security rules and requirements in place.

Your Eligibility Form has been sent successfully. You will receive a confirmation email shortly at the email address you provided to us.
After we complete our review of your Eligibility form, we will contact you to let you know if you are eligible to submit claims for compensation to asbestos trusts.

Asbestos Trusts Compensation Eligibility Form

This questionnaire asks for the bare minimum of information necessary for ClearTrustClaims to determine if you may qualify for trust compensation.  Actually obtaining compensation will require that you and ClearTrustClaims work together to obtain the highly detailed additional information needed for asbestos trust applications.  ClearTrustClaims will be able to determine whether you are likely to qualify for compensation only after we have gathered the necessary detailed information.

If you are interested in contacting CTC to see if you might be eligible for compensation from asbestos trusts, please complete the following questionnaire.  When you have completed the questionnaire, click on the Submit button to send the information to us.

 Current Information

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 Medical Information

All of the asbestos trusts have very similar lists of medical conditions for which the trust will provide compensation. These conditions are asbestos-related diseases, including mesothelioma, lung cancer, a few rare other cancers, and breathing problems caused by damage to the lungs.

Have you been diagnosed with:

Mesothelioma or Lung Cancer?

Colo-rectal, laryngeal, esophageal, pharyngeal, or stomach cancer?

Asbestosis or severe asbestosis?

Scarring on both of your lungs?

Has any of your doctors told you that your medical condition is due to asbestos?

 Military Service

If you served in the military, please provide the following information:

 Civilian Employment

Please provide the following information about any civilian employment that you believe may have involved exposure to asbestos.

 Additional Information

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