Did you help build or serve on a military ship?

If you served in the military (especially the Navy) and you helped build or served on any of the thousands of US Navy or Army ships, vessels, or boats that were built between the mid-1930s to the end of the 1970s you were almost certainly exposed to asbestos and you may be seriously ill or even terminally ill and injured from that exposure.

For example, if you helped build or served on any of these US Navy ships of war you were exposed to asbestos;. 

  • USS Chicago Cruiser, USS Cuttlefish Submarine, USS Downes Destroyer, USS Enterprise Aircraft Carrier, USS Houston Cruiser.
  • USS Houston Cruiser, USS Indianapolis Heavy Cruiser, USS Minneapolis Heavy Cruiser, USS Narwhal Attack Submarine, USS Nautilus Submarine.
  • USS New Orleans Heavy Cruiser, USS Phoenix Light Cruiser, USS Porpoise Submarine, USS Portland Cruiser, USS Ranger Aircraft Carrier.
  • USS St. Louis Light Cruiser, USS Yorktown Aircraft Carrier, and others.
  • USS Wasp Aircraft Carrier, USS Alabama Battleship, USS Alamance Attack Cargo Ship, USS Appalachian Amphibious Force Flagship Vessel,
  • USS Attu, Escort Carrier, USS Badoeng Strait Escort Carrier, USS Balao Sub, USS Bluefish Sub, USS Bogue Carrier, USS A. M. Sumner Destroyer,
  • USS Antietam Carrier, USS Don Homme Richard Carrier, USS Bowfin Sub, USS Cabot Carrier, USS Cavalia Sub, USS Clamagore Sub,
  • USS Cleveland Light Cruiser, USS Coral Sea Carrier, USS Cowpens Carrier, USS Des Moines Cruiser, USS Dixmude Escort Carrier,
  • USS Drum Sub, USS Essex Carrier, USS Fall River Cruiser, Higgins Boats (Hundreds of Landing Craft), Higgins PT Boat (Hundreds), and over 100 other ships and thousands of boats.

Not only were ships filled with asbestos but most of the military vehicles (trucks, half-tracks, planes, etc.) and much of the equipment and ammunition carried on those ships and vessels also contained asbestos.  Asbestos was used to insulate boilers, engine rooms, fireboxes, pipe systems, valves, and pumps, and for the gaskets and seals used in those valves and pumps. Asbestos was also often a component of the seals used on doors and hatches found on Navy, Coast Guard, Merchant Marine, and Army ships, vessels, and boats. 

This means that Sailors, Marines, Soldiers, Merchant Mariners, Coastguardsmen, and others who helped build or served on Navy and Army ships, vessels, and boats that were built over this approximately 40-year period are in grave danger of developing asbestos-caused cancers and serious non-cancerous diseases, illnesses, conditions, and injuries. 

In addition to a VA Disability Claim, there are other ways a veteran or non-veteran can get financial compensation for asbestos injuries and illnesses. 

  • One way is to file a lawsuit against asbestos manufacturers or others for wrongful exposure or wrongful death.  The lawsuit avenue takes a long time and the fate of the outcome is in the hands of a judge or jury.
  • You or a trusted family member can file a claim with one or more asbestos trusts.  A veteran can file claims against multiple asbestos trusts, which will not require discovery, a trial, or proof that asbestos caused injuries or illnesses.  The drawback is that you will have to review the requirements of each claim individually. 

In some cases, victims will file claims against Asbestos Trust funds and file asbestos lawsuits.  

I selected ClearTrust Claims and its highly skilled lawyers to guide me through the process. With your eligibility information and documentation they will file multiple claims. And ClearTrust Claims charges nothing to see if you qualify for trust payments, and receives 10% of a successful trust payment while you receive 90% of the award.

If you can check the required boxes ClearTrust Claims will file multiple claims for you.  

  • Be diagnosed with one of several specific asbestos-related diseases
  • Have spent at least six months exposed to the specific trust company’s asbestos; and
  • Have been exposed to asbestos from any source for at least five cumulative years. 

If you are a veteran (or non-veteran) who helped build ships, especially warships, or who served on military ships, vessels, and boats that were built in the 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, or 1970s and you have lung cancer, Mesothelioma, Asbestosis, lung scarring, asthma, chronic bronchitis, shortness of breath, kidney or heart damage, or other asbestos-related injury symptoms, you should talk to your doctor, go through an asbestos screening, consider filing a claim with the VA for a service-connected and asbestos caused disability, and contact the professionals at ClearTrust Claims. 

To learn more about the Asbestos Trust process visit our eligibility page.

You Served Us, Now Let Us Serve You

Reference: Information on the numbers, names, and types of ships, vessels, and boats built in the 1930s and 1940s.

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